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SBSH Calendar Touch v2.1


SBSH Calendar Touch v2.1|1.8MB

Overview : SBSH Calendar Touch offers the best innovative tools to help you organize your daily agenda using your Windows Mobile Touch device. Easily control and track your busy agenda using Calendar Touch's set of professional calendar views; Search view; Filters; Attendees notifications and much more! All tools designed especially for use with the latest Windows Mobile Touch devices!

Here are some key features of "SBSH Calendar Touch":

· Calendar Touch offers cool gesture-navigation features designed to make navigation easier and more enjoyable!
· Swipe your finger horizontally will step backwards/forward for the current view date-span (e.g. next/prev day on the Daily view, next/prev month on the Monthly view)
· Swipe your finger upwards will jump to today's date; downwards will bring the Touch-Date-Picker control to the screen
· Swipe your finger horizontally without releasing your press from the screen brings the Touch-Date-Spinner, an animated date-picker that will continue to cycle until you release your finger from the screen. You can move forward/backwards in larger gaps faster and with a single finger swipe on the screen!

· Featuring touch-oriented design making it easy to control most Calendar Touch view features with your finger
· Quickly navigate between different Calendar Touch views using the full screen touch buttons View Picker
· Touch date and time pickers, easily input date and time values with a full screen large selection dialog and much more!

Powerful Calendar:
· Astonishing look & feel to all Views with a professional Touch styling
· Automatically adopts current OS theme and colors, offering the best unified feel
· Switch between all different views with a single finger touch! Easily jump between the Daily, List, Weekly, Monthly, Tasks and Search views

Tasks Management:
· Filter tasks view based on task status: all, overdue, active, completed, progress limited, undated and additional criteria
· Greatly enhanced Tasks view to see more details than the default Tasks application offers
· Sort tasks by due/start date, priority, completion and subject. Define two sub-sort levels for the Tasks view list.

Search Utility:
· Search your agenda for specific appointment or task items using an innovative search tool
· Define Calendar Touch to show between 5-100 most relevant results
· Search within up to 2 years configured time frame! Get results in a time frame of one year ago until a year ahead

Innovation Inside:
· Designed to take advantage of all screen resolution devices
· Especially designed Monthly view for landscape devices displaying the preview pane on the side
· Innovative Pop out effect on Monthly and Weekly views for easier day tracking
· Advanced Filtering system for personally configured task and appointment view
· Calendar Touch supports all Windows Mobile screen resolutions available

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6


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