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Pocketshield v2.6.0.1


Pocketshield v2.6.0.1|5.10MB

Overview : PocketShield is an intelligent locking/unlocking application. Prevents accidental touch on the phone screen specially when it is turned on not precisely by you.

Have you ever accidentally ignored an incoming call? Have you ever accidentally answered a call and left the caller 'talking with your pocket'? Have you ever accidentally dismissed reminders or alarms? …or 'never heard of them'? Has your phone ever freezed because of too much 'touch input'? Have you ever had programs mysteriously starting 'by themselves'? Have you ever auto-replied an email or SMS with the text 'dfjhfiv3rvp8ikk' or such?

If you answered 'YES!' for any of the questions above, then this is great news for you!

• Auto lock, no need to worry about locking, just turn off(sleep) your phone and feel confident.
• Screen auto-unlock when out of pocket, or when light available.
• Screen unlock by sliding finger or stylus from top towards down (vertical sliding rather that horizontal, for improved thumb ergonomics)
• Screen unlock with gestures, by moving the phone two times to the left or right. Sensitivity level is customizable.
•You can combine any of the 3 unlocking mechanisms: light auto-unlock, finger slide unlock, gesture unlock. One of the three must be enabled at least.
• Answer calls by gestures, or by any of the 3 unlocking mechanisms.
• Vibration feedback when you unlock or when phone auto-unlocks.
• Digital clock diplays the time. Digits can be customized.
• Screen shows caller name or number for incoming calls.
• Screen shows missed calls if any.
• Screen shows if a Reminder or Alarm has popped up.
• Subtle but precise battery indicator.
• Visible icons indicating which unlocking mechanisms are active.
• Disable auto unlock with light when doing "Start-->Lock". It is re-enabled after power off and resume. Useful for when you want to have your phone locked while ON, ie while listening music.
• Option(in Settings) to directly power off device when doing "Start-->Lock".
• Auto unlock when stylus is taken out.

Supported devices:
For the moment, it's only available for the HTC Touch Pro (aka Raphael) and HTC Touch Diamond. Not tested on Touch Viva, Touch 3G nor Touch HD!
For PocketShield to function properly, device must have an integrated light sensor and G-sensor(accelerometer).

What’s new?
- Direct support from device, easier to report any issue. Your settings will be attached automatically.
- Alternative gesture for unlock (flip to unlock). You can unlock or answer a call by just flipping your phone.
- Tight integration with PhonEx 1.3 (the best slide to answer experience, but must use version 1.3 RC2 or above)
- Extended Application Permissions
- Count for Reminders/Alarms
- Lock HW keys when talking with headset
- New "grip style" sliders (no background)
- Reduced CAB installation file from 400Kb to 288Kb
- Faster installation and upgrade
- Operational performance enhancements
- Reduced footprint: 1.6Mb (after activation and in no-background mode)

Requirements : HTC Touch Pro or HTC Touch Diamond - .NET Compact Framework v3.5


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