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Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

SNSD Girls' Generation

1st Japanese Album - Girls' Generation

01. Mr. Taxi

02. Genie

03. you-aholic

04. Run Devil Run

05. Bad Girl

06. Beautiful Stranger

07. I’m In Love With The HERO

08. Let It Rain

09. Gee

10. The Great Escape

11. 훗 (Hoot)

12. Born To Be A Lady

1st Full Album - Girls' Generation

03.SNSD - Baby Baby

04.SNSD - Complete

05.SNSD - Kissing You

06.SNSD - Merry Go Round

07.SNSD - Tears

08.SNSD - Tinkerbell

09.SNSD - 7989

10.SNSD - Honey

1st Mini Album - Gee

01.SNSD - Gee

02.SNSD - Way To Go

03.Dear Mom

04.SNSD - Destiny

05.SNSD - Let's Talk About Love

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

01.SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

02.SNSD - Etude

03.SNSD - Girlfriend

04.SNSD - Boyfriend

05.SNSD - Fairy Tale

06.Jessica SNSD Feat Onew SHINee - One Year Later

2nd Mini Album - Oh!

01.SNSD - Oh!

02.SNSD - Show,Show,Show

03.SNSD - Sweet Talking Baby (Fun & Fun)

04.SNSD - Forever

05.SNSD - Be Happy (Let's Laugh)

06.SNSD Feat Key SHINee - Martian Virus (Boys & Girls)

07.SNSD - Talk To Me (Coffee Caramel)

08.SNSD - Star,Star,Star

09.SNSD - Stick With U

10.SNSD - Day By Day

Repackaged Second Album - Run Devil Run

01.SNSD - Run Devil Run

03.SNSD - Echo

11.SNSD - Star Star Star (Accoustic RnB Version)

3rd Mini Album - Hoot

01.훗 (Hoot)

02.내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)

03.단짝 (My Best Friend)

04.Wake up

05.첫눈에…(Snowy Wish)

Other Songs :

SNSD - Visual Dreams

SNSD - Gee Japanese Version

SNSD - Sorry Sorry

SNSD - Motion

SNSD - Chocolate Love

SNSD - Love Melody

SNSD - Beautiful Restriction

SNSD - Hey Cookie

SNSD - Dreams Come True

SNSD - My Friend Haechi

SNSD - Hey

Soshi Solo

Taeyeon feat The One - Like A Star

Taeyeon Feat Kim Bum Soo - Different

Taeyeon - Goodbye Days

Taeyeon - Skyline

Taeyeon - It's Happy Line

Taeyeon - I Love You OST Athena

Taeyeon SNSD & The One - Like A Star

The One feat. Taeyeon - You Bring Me Joy

Taeyeon - Byul

K-Will feat. Tiffany - A Girl Meets Love

Sunny - You Don't Know Love

Sunny - Finally Now

Taeyeon and Jessica - Desire and Hope

Seohyun and Kim Taewoo - Love Rain

Jessica and Tiffany - Only One for Me

Taeyeon & Sunny - It's Love

Kim Tae Yoen SNSD - If

Kim Tae Yeon SNSD - Can You Hear Me

Seo Hyun SNSD - It's Okay Even If It Hurts

Sunny SNSD - Your Doll

Tiffany SNSD - By Myself

Tiffany SNSD - Bleeding Love

YoonA SNSD - Innisfree Day

Jessica - Sweet Delight

Jessica SNSD - Because Tears Are Overflowing


SNSD & 2PM - Cabi Song

SNSD & Suju - Seoul Song

SNSD & Suju - Way Back To Love


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