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Prince Of Persia v1.0.0


Gameloft Prince Of Persia v1.0.0 | File-Size: 1.80 MB
Rediscover the original Prince of Persia in a totally revamped mobile version!

Work with your new partner to succeed in a fierce mission that would be impossible to conquer alone.

Features (may vary by handset):

* The official version of the new Next Generation console game from Ubisoft.
* New cooperative gameplay allows you to perform acrobatics and spectacular attacks.
* Next Gen Graphics: Characters, animations, and designs adapted from the console version of the game.
* All New: Fight airborne enemies atop a dragon, swing on ropes, unleash special attacks, and more!
* Dive into the universe of 1001 Nights thanks to sumptuous designs and dynamic lighting.


(File-Size: 1.80 MB)

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