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Nick Jonas And The Administration - Who I Am

Nick Jonas And The Administration - Who I Am (2010)

Nick Jonas And The Administration - Who I Am (2010)
Pop | MP3 | 178kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo | 53.45 MB

With some downtime in 2009, Nick Jonas took the opportunity to form a side project called Nick Jonas & The Administration, which also includes drummer Michael Bland, keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, album-only guitarist David Ryan Harris and bassist John Fields who also produced the CD. Fueling the album’s 10 songs was Nick’s long-held fascination with politics, especially politics at the top. Throughout, Nick places allusions to the trappings of the Presidency, from the White House Rose Garden to the symbolic olive branch and arrows clutched in the talons of the American eagle.

Track List

01. Rose Garden
02. Who I Am
03. Olive & An Arrow
04. Conspiracy Theory
05. In The End
06. Last Time Around
07. Tonight
08. State of Emergency
09. Vesper’s Goodbye
10. Stronger (Back On The Ground)

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