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The Dark Knight - Batmobile 1.0 Game for iPhone

The Dark Knight - Batmobile 1.0 Game for iPhone / iPod Touch FULL | 5.54 MB

Ahead of The Dark Knight’s DVD and Blu-Ray release next week, Glu Mobile has put out The Dark Knight: Batmobile ($0.99), a short and simple 3D game in which you drive around Gotham, launching Batman’s ride into the air and angling it by tilting the iPhone to see how far you can propel the vehicle.

What a strange aspect of the film to base a game around! As far as I know, the Batmobile hardly does any jumping in the comic books. Despite his disturbed mental state and dangerous lifestyle, Batman always seemed like a responsible driver. Anyway, here’s the game’s store description:



Experience the power behind this 2.5 ton vehicle through a series of high-powered jump sequences and get Batman through the streets of Gotham City as quickly as you can. Inverted spoiler airfoils enable ramp-less jumping, allowing you to propel the Batmobile as high as six feet, and a distance of sixty feet. Angle it properly to peel out the instant it touches the ground. How far it goes is up to your skills — can you keep it in-line after you leave the Bat-bunker?

The Dark Knight: Batmobile is the first game released under the studio’s Glu Snax label, presumably a new line of budget-priced iPhone and iPod Touch games, similar to ngmoco’s “Fast Apps.”

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> You know how to Install use Itunes
> only a Check if i can pre more to Scene
> have Fun...

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