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Business-Professional Ringtone Collect. v3.6

Business-Professional Ringtone Collect. v3.6 Retail
Business-Professional Ringtone Collect. v3.6 Retail | 27.93Mb

You would like to sound your high-tech mobile phone, smartphone or even your pocket-pc like a high-tech equipment and not like a toy or a song player when a call is incoming? Here it is, a collection of 200+ sounds, specially recorded in a REAL SOUND STUDIO. No ordinary Sound Effects like dogs barking, full songs, etc. All those sounds were recorded in the sound studio of DirectDance musicproduction, with standalone sound modules, samplers, effect racks and a 72 channel digital mixing console. The package includes ready to use mp3 and wav ringtones, all optimized to play loud and clear on your cell phone. Real Ringtones were recorded using high quality studio microphones from real, analog and digital phones. Other ringtones were made by using our High-Tech studio equipment.

Ringtones in the Business-Professional Ringtone Collection are including (files Mp3 and Wav):

Real Ringtones (including analog and digital real phones)
Future Ringtones (in 20 years, all phones will ring like this)
Melody Ringtones (a short but noticeable melody ringing)
Voice Ringtones for assigning to Callers (e.g. Business Call, Private Call, High Priority, etc. (your device should support caller-id)
Notification Sounds and also Voice Notifications (e-mail incoming, etc.) for e.g. SMS, MMS, e-mail notifications.

Business-Professional Ringtone Collect. v3.6 Retail

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